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MacBrien Cuper Isnard

Skills for the world's most challenging policy process

MacBrien Cuper Isnard is a European Affairs firm established in Brussels in 1994. It provides two interrelated EU-level services: advocacy and management consultancy to trade federations:

  • strategy and process management along the whole legislative cycle;
  • advice and assistance in creating new European associations and improving the performance of existing ones.



The EU is now part of national political debate. Even so, there's a long way to go before people start to feel they have a say in EU policy, largely because business and other interests have difficulty operating at EU level.

And yet, crisis forces Europeans to use their Union to act together on all the great questions of our time. Civil society must adapt and play its part in this process. It has a right to be heard at EU level and a duty to its members to coalesce and organise efficiently for that purpose, especially as EU law cannot be reversed at national level.